6 Tricks You Can Apply So Your Cat Drink More Water

If your cat is among those who are lazy to drink water, you can use the following easy tricks to make your cat drink more water.

Water is an essential element for all breathing creatures in the world, including cats in it.

According to James Herriot, a veterinarian, and famous author, usually, a cat needs 2 to 4 ounces of fresh water apart from its leading food.

But sometimes, some cats are lazy to drink water even though this can cause various problems such as constipation or FLUTD (urinary tract disorders).

1. Diligently replacing clean water.

Cats are animals that like cleanliness. Make sure you change your cat’s drinking water at least once a day and clean the water bowl regularly with soap, so it doesn’t get dirty.

You don’t like to drink with dirty glasses? So it is your favorite cat.

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