6 Tricks You Can Apply So Your Cat Drink More Water

2. Try different types of water.

Generally cats like water that is new and fresh. But if your cat is hard to drink, maybe the cat doesn’t match the type of water.

Try by providing various types of water such as mineral water, or water that you cook yourself. And see which one your cat likes the most.

And don’t let your cat drink from toilet water, because it’s not good for his health.

3. The right bowl.

Try using glass or stainless material for the drinking container. Because sometimes plastic leaves a distinctive odor that cats don’t like.

If possible, look for a unique bowl for cats to drink.

4. Switch to wet food.

Wet food contains 70% water, more than dry food, which is only 10%. Add a little more water to the wet food.

If your cat doesn’t like wet food, you can add water to the dry food. However, these dry foods must be eaten as soon as possible because they tend to be stale fast.

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