6 Tricks You Can Apply So Your Cat Drink More Water

5. Put a drinking bowl in several places.

Like adventurers, cats are animals that like to roam. Try to place a drinking water bowl in several strategic places where your favorite cat often plays.

Then make sure which bowl has less water. If you get one, later try to add more water in that bowl

6. Water flow.

As mentioned above, cats like freshwater. You can buy your cat drinking fountain or a cat drinking tool where the water continues to flow and maintain its freshness.

This tool is available in various sizes and capacities. If you have trouble getting this tool, you can also make a small shower from a tap or sink to attract your cat’s attention.

Or the last alternative is to put ice cubes in the water bowl so that the water is fresher.

Those are six things that can help your favorite cat prefer water. Hopefully, it can help you make your cat healthier.

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