Best Cat Food for Beautiful Healthy Cat Fur

Healthy cat fur is one of the best reasons that make the cat a pet that is loved and favored.

But healthy cat fur must also be accompanied by beautiful cat fur. So that makes us comfortable to cuddle and hug the cat every time we want to play with the feline friend.

Getting healthy and beautiful cat fur is certainly not easy and instant. But it requires more attention and care from the cat owner itself.

healthy cat fur

One of the most natural treatments is to pay attention to the cat’s food intake.

Before we choose the best food for pet cats, we must first know what type of cat is being petted by us right now.

Because the growth of each cat’s fur is different for each feline, of course, we want to have the perfect result for our feline right?

Type of Cats food

In general, whatever species of cat you are currently maintaining, Foods that do not contain high carbohydrates are good cat food.

However, cat food is recommended to contain lots of vitamins, proteins, and amino acids to make the cat get more benefit from it.

We also need to pay more attention to the age of the cat. Cats that are under 1-year-old need more than 30% nutritional intake.

Whereas cats that are mature (1 year old or older), its OK can only be given nutritional intake of 25% -30%.

Because cats are a predatory or meat-eating animal, you must ensure that the cat eats foods that contain animal protein.

And also pay attention to the food label when buying cat food, avoid cat food made from the remaining ingredients of dead animals.

And last but not least, avoid foods that contain excess preservatives.

Best Cats food

Of course, you can buy the cat’s food at the nearest PetShop. You can buy wet cat food that already contains water.

Moreover, you can also buy dry food coupled with giving a drink when the cat eats it.

The dry cat food that I recommend for the beautiful health cat fur are Me-O, Royal Cannin, and Equilibrio. You also can get all these products online.

Besides being good for the growth and beauty of the cat’s fur, this type of food is also perfect for the digestion of the cat.

An important note in purchasing food for the cat is to avoid giving raw food to prevent toxoplasmosis in cats.

There is no harm in giving cat milk if you want your cat to be healthier its fur growth.

Does your cat have beautiful and healthy fur?