Best Cats for People with Allergies

You may wonder why so many people are allergic to cats? And maybe you also wonder, what are the best cats for people with allergies?

Well, even though our homes are safe enough, it’s essential to see an allergist confirm whether the allergies are due to the pets in your home or dust mites, as it becomes difficult to pinpoint the cause of the allergies.

Though the fluffy ones cause health issues, many of the owners are determined to keep them, and they decide to cure those allergies. However, best cats for people with allergies are available in the market, so you can easily opt for them.

What Are the Causes of These Allergies?

Allergies are caused due to several reasons. It can be due to genetics, i.e., if your family members are allergic, you’re likely to develop them too. 

Also, if you have allergies, your immune system mistakes the allergen with something else and starts generating antibodies to fight against it. Leading to which, runny nose, itching, asthma, and skin rashes are caused. 

Allergens from cat allergies can come from cat’s saliva, urine, fur, or dead skin. If a person comes in contact with these or breaths in pet’s dander, it can lead to allergic reactions. 

These pet allergens are carried through clothes, furniture, bedding, circulation in air, or through dust particles. Even though cats are adorable, you don’t have to keep one if you’re allergic to one. 

And if you don’t have the best cats for people with allergies, you might notice the symptoms a bit later as they might not appear for several days, if your sensitivity is low. Most of the people with cat allergies react to the cat’s saliva and skin. 


These allergens are found mostly in male cats and can cause runny nose or itching and swelling around the membrane of eyes, leading to eye inflammation. 

Some of the people may get a rash on their neck, upper chest, or face. Also, if you are allergic to cats, these allergens can reach your lungs and get combined with antibodies, leading to various symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, difficulty in breathing. 

It can also be a trigger for chronic asthma and cause a dangerous asthma attack. Hence, it’s important to recommend a doctor if your symptoms are becoming uncomfortable or disruptive for you.

Types of Hypoallergenic Cats

Several amounts of best cats for people with allergies are available in the present day. Here are a few names mentioned below which will guide you to choose the best one. 


best cats for people with allergies

A Bengal cat that has hypoallergenic properties. The main reason they are less allergic as their coat sheds less hair than an average cat coat, making it less likely to cause an allergic reaction. 


best cats for people with allergies

Although Russian blue cats don’t have any remarkable coat quality, they produce relatively lower amounts of Fel d1- a protein secreted from cat’s skin, to which many people are allergic too. 


The cats of the Sphynx breed are hairless, giving them a unique look. But they also have specific care requirements. It’s the best cat for you if you’re allergic, as the allergic proteins in cat’s salvia don’t get trapped in their fur as they don’t have any. 

Thus, now you can enjoy the experience of having an endearing cat, even though you’re allergic to them. 

I hope this blog post will answer your questions, what are the best cats for people with allergies? keep following our blog to get more new information about your feline friend.

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