Cat Behavior Training for Your Stubborn Cat

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Before you start cat behavior training for your stubborn cat, it would be a great idea if you have a little understanding of cat’s behavior.

One of the cats natural instinct was jump and land on its feet. But when a little cat is born, the cushion in a kitten’s paws are not yet developed.


So a kittens feet cannot be used to jump and land on its feet yet. For good landing, the kitten must wait for almost 7 weeks in order to develop the kitten paw cushion.

A cats bone structure are flexible and have no collar bone. Different from other animals. Which makes them easy to bend and twist their bones.

Because of that uniques bone structures, jumping without any injuries in a great distance is easy for your lovely cats. 

Because of this behavior. You don’t want to teach your little cat jump from such heights. Don’t take the risk to injury your cute cats. Just teach your cats jumps sticks or hoops first.

Hearing & Smelling 

Do you know that cats can hear someone opening a door or a can of food? Its because they have really awesome hearing ability that can make them hear pitches and much higher tones.

And you should know about cats can be marking its territory. Like urinate on the floor and rub itself up against furniture or a door. 

Its happen because they have great smelling abilities. That’s why they are leaving their scent on those areas so they can come back later.

In addition, Cats mouth also can smell, so if in the area there’s another cat or animal, They will know that for sure.

There is a Jacobson’s organ which is a gland in the cat’s upper mouth. And that sac was filled with blood. 

So as the cat smells some scent, and their mouth and upper lips slowly open. It allows the scent to flow in and to the sac. Which it will bring the scent goes to their brain. 

Usually, this occurs in male cats when a female cat has urinated.

Knowing their natural behavior and instincts can give you a little insight into your cat’s training.

With this behavioral training, you will want to make sure that you allow your cat in several different ways to get rid of their natural behavior and instincts.

Things to Consider

When cat behavior training starts, there are a number of things you need to consider. More offensive, especially in much older cats, can be caused by other cats at home or disease.

You better call your trusted veterinarian first, to check your cat and make sure it is a problem to train a cat now.

Anxiety and depression can be another problem in training your cat. Cats can become depressed if the cat is separated by the owner.

Stress can also occur in cats. If you think your cat has high anxiety or depression, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible

The veterinarian can tell you about some things that might cause this. Medicines can also be prescribed by a veterinarian for your cat, to help deal with anxiety and depression.

Cat Punishment

Never beat a cat to be punished, they will learn to be afraid of you, and fear will be a behavior that you will not be able to control or practice.

If something not right done by them, just ignore it unless you catch the cat in action, Just associate the sound with behavior that you don’t like, or in a firm voice telling the cat “NO”.

When a behavior becomes impossible, you may be forced to use a proof baby’s house, all containers that have food in it must have a lid.

It must also be ensured that the counter is clean and there is nothing that the cats want to play.

And as soon as you get it, you will immediately want to start training your cat or kitten.

This will start to stop a lot of unwanted behavior and hopefully, the cat does not start new bad behavior.

A healthy relationship with the owner will produce a healthy cat. Are you ready to start cat behavior training?