Discover Why Cat Lovers Intelligence More Extraordinary Than Dog Lovers?

Why cat lovers intelligence more extraordinary than dog lovers? You better start asking that question to yourself now.

If you look fairly from the cat lovers’ side, or dog lovers’ side, there’s a big difference in their personality.

If that question crossed your mind before, there’s some research about that.

Cats Lovers Intelligence Research

A research done by Carroll University in Wisconsin, show that cats lovers are smarter.

This study involves 600 college students. Complete by giving them choices.

They should choose whether they preferred to keep cats or raise dogs as a pet.

Students who choose dogs tend to be richer full and colorful in living their lives.

In other words, they are more friendly and full of energy doing their tasks every day.

And what makes me open my eyes wider, these dog lovers are more willing to follow the rules.

cats lovers are smarter

Cats Lovers Personality

On the other side, cat lovers prefer to think wise when they have to face the rules or break the rules.

Or in other words, cats lovers usually a little rather tricky to follow the rules.

If you want to share a new idea with cat lovers, you will love it, because they are an open-minded person.

But sometimes you have to dig a little deeper with cats lover since they are more closed and sensitive.

And it turns out that these cat lovers have an extraordinary intelligence compared to dog lovers.

The question is whether cats make their owners smart, or because the owners are sharp so they choose cats.

cats lovers are smarter

Because according to Professor Denise Guastello, cats and dogs also have different personalities.

Cats prefer to stay at home, while dogs are animals who like outdoor activities.

This affects the personalities of their lovers when they first choose a pet.

When the participants love to stay home, usually they will choose cats.

But if the person prefers outdoor activities, the dog should be the right choice.

The participants also said that they preferred cats because of affection.

While dog lovers choose dogs over cats are more because of companionship.

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