Watching Funny Cat Videos Increases Productivity

Did you know that watching funny cat videos increases productivity?

And are you among those who like to spend their spare time watching videos of cute cats?

If so, there is excellent news for you. Watching videos or seeing photos of cute cats can refresh our brains and make us more productive at work.

According to a recent study from the University of New South Wales, the key to being able to return to productive work when you start feeling tired and bored is humor.

Cat Videos Increases Productivity

And we can get humor vibes quickly when watching adorable behavior of furry animals such as cats.

Another source, Hiroshi Nittono, a Japanese researcher from Hiroshima University, said in his journal “The Power of Kawaii.”

That is looking at pictures and watching videos of funny animals such as baby cats and cats can increase the power of concentration, thereby increasing work performance.

To test the theory, Hiroshi examined several students divided into groups.

He asked each group to play a game that requires high concentration.

Some groups play the game after seeing funny photos and videos of kittens and dogs.

While other groups play the game after they have seen photos or videos of food and other ordinary things.

The results are predictable, groups that see funny animal photos and videos play much better.

The concentration level of their brain has doubled so that they can finish the game with excellent results.

You are often not aware that when faced with funny animal videos, your attention becomes more focused, and you also become more attentive.

Also, seeing cute and adorable cats can reduce stress and make you smile.

That change in focus level will make you productive all day long.

So there’s nothing wrong when you start feeling tired working, take out your cellphone and start browsing funny cat videos.

So that your mind refreshed and ready for a new challenge.

Although we know watching funny cat videos increases work productivity. Don’t take too long to watch it, or you might have a problem with your boss. Meow…

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