Cats with Blue Eyes Fun Facts

Cats with blue eyes? Do you have one?

We are always and still amazed by the beautiful blue eyes, especially celebrity eyes, like Alexandra Daddario or Megan Fox.

But did you know that some cats also have these beautiful eyes, which certainly adds to the uniqueness of the cat?

So, in today daily cat facts we’ll talk about 4 facts cats with blue eyes that you should know.

Cats with Blue Eyes Bring bad luck

Some say if a black cat with blue eyes crosses your path, bad luck will come to you. Although that’s not true.

But if white cats with that great eyes come to your house, good luck will come to you. So it’s up to you, do you want to believe it or not.

So, If you find cute white cats with blue eyes, you better keep it in your house.

Cats with Blue Eyes are Deaf

It sounds less ok, but in reality, out of the five hundred, around 90% of the white cat’s population has blue eyes.

Actually, not all white cats can have that pretty eyes. However, once it involves a hearing disorder, most white cats with these eyes are going to be deaf.

So you should understand now, that if you want to have a cat that doesn’t have a hearing problem, just go with white but no blue eyes.


In spite of the actual fact that they may be at a lot of serious hazard for intrinsic hearing loss, there is no history of a much bigger variety of instances of visual disorder than other cats.

People assumed that white cat with blue eyes goes blind a lot of frequently than completely different felines, nonetheless, that’s primarily false.

One breed, that is neither white nor blue eyes is the Abyssinian cats which are increasingly inclined to visual disorder.

cats with blue eyes

Breeds are rare

Actually not that small at all, Breeds of a cats with blue eyes are like Balinese, Siamese, Persian Himalayan, Birman, and Javanese.

Ragdolls also have the sparkling fresh blue eyes, but sadly not all Ragdolls have this color.

Very rare Ojos Azules breed that discovered in 1984, Had a really beautiful Dark blue eyes. Luckily the blue eyes in these breeds aren’t related to a hearing problem.

So if you’re thinking about keeping one of this blue eyes feline friend in your house, you can go for this kind of breeds like Balinese or Javanese.

Still, want to look for these lovely blue eyes creatures?

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