Discover Facts on How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

Have you thought about letting your favorite cat give birth to a cute little kitten? Then you should learn how to care for a pregnant cat first.

If your favorite cat is less than one year old, you may need to seek advice from a veterinarian. Because cats that give birth at a young age are likely to get kittens born in a state of disability.

Heats Periods

Female cats will have a lot of heats periods over a year. If she mates with a male cat, her period will last about six days.

But if she not mated, then her heat period can last longer and regularly will recur or called as ‘polyestrous.’

How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

Three times a year, a cat can give birth to an average of 3 kittens. And each kitten can also have a different father. So don’t be surprised.

Next Pregnancy

If you want to prevent subsequent pregnancies, you better meet your vet after birth to neuter your favorite cat.

The world cat population is increasing rapidly, with more than 100 different breeds of cats recorded.

How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

With so many inhuman people, you will easily find the arrival of wild cats that are abundant in various big cities.

By spaying your female cats before her heat will reduce threats such as mammary cancer and uterine disease. So do it immediately!


Six months of age, female cats already start mating. But male cats usually start mating at around eight months old.

Pregnancy usually lasts for nine weeks or approximately around 57 to 66 days.

How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

If you are not thinking to raise a lot of cute kittens, or make your male cats become roaming tom, you better start to neuter him or her after five months.

By neutering him, you will save a lot of time thinking about ‘marking his territory’ problem. 


Neutering him can mean a lot of time-saving on the spraying (marking his territory). This will stop endless fighting around your house with other cats, both males or females.

The result you will find a cute, more beautiful and calmer kitty, for you to have fun!

After Birth

Please be reminded to make sure your cat mother is warm and always safe at any times. 

Throughout the day, you better feed her with small cats meals because she will carry around some of the baby kitties around her belly.

So she probably will have cramped stomach looking for space! 

Top Condition

For pregnancy, always put her on top condition by feed her special diet that is full of minerals and vitamins.

And don’t forget to prepare for plenty of good water.

You better discover an out of the way spot, In order cat’s mother to have time for escape before birth, and also after birth with all the cute kittens.

You can use warmly cupboard for this scenario.

So she does not have to bring her litter to somewhere more quiet spot.

That, of course, will make her little kittens at this young age put in risk of danger.

After Birth

The weight of kitten at birth was around 85 grams. For them to hear clearly, you must wait for about two weeks or more.

So you better always keep them safe.

In eight days, you will also find their cute little eyes open.

So now you know how to care for the pregnant cat. Are you ready to have a more little kitten?

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