Feline Diabetes Facts That You Should Know

Do you know that your feline friend might get diabetes?

We know that one of the most known and popular animals that we love was Cats.

The companionship that can last for years was one of the big reasons why we pet cats. 

But like every creature that was breathing in this world, cats can get sick also. 

Like other pets, cats can sometimes get sick.

Many kinds of illness that can hit our beautiful cat, and one of which is diabetes.

Especially for cats, we use to call it Feline Diabetes.

Diabetes more common in humans, and it was one of the most Serious diseases ever.

But in cats can be treated and cured by our great vet.


Maybe you’ve already known that diabetes can happen because of a lot of sugar or glucose level in your blood.

And high-level glucose usually comes from food.

feline diabetes

Hormone insulin was the one responsible for this, and it controls the blood sugar level.

The pancreas produces this hormone. If insulin was not produced enough by the pancreas, then you can get Diabetes.

Feline Diabetes Symptoms

The easiest way to find that your cats got Diabetes, was by checking your cat water dish.

If it’s empty all day, then your cat might be got the diseases. 

Because one of the symptoms was, Increase in thirst.

And other symptoms that you can quickly found was your cat always take a pee, loss of appetite that make the cat lose weight. 

When you found one of those symptoms, you better make sure with your vet.

Is it feline diabetes or not. Because if you don’t treat your cat right, you can get your cat inactive and often vomit.

feline diabetes

And the worst part was when your cat falls into a coma. So you better make sure as soon as possible. 

Your cat will likely have a normal and healthy life if you take care that feline diabetes on time.

And remember it’s not going to be easy; it takes your dedication and time. But it’s worth it.

Feline Diabetes Treatment

If your cat got feline diabetes, you need to give your cat food every day. And at the same time.

And they must not be playing outside when they are sick. Twice per day, you must also give them insulin shots. 

After a veterinarian checks your cat,  they going to tell you how many insulins shot that your cat needs. Also, how much insulin they need.

One thing you must remember, always give your cat insulin, after your cat stomach full with food first.

If you forget to give your cat to eat first before you shot your cat, they might be shocked by hypoglycemic.

feline diabetes

But hypoglycemic can also happen because of too much insulin.

And the risk it’s high, that’s why you must be careful when dealing with an insulin shot.

The worst part is your cat might die if hypoglycemic shock happens, and you are far away from your cat.

That’s why you must always stay around your feline diabetes cat after you give your cat insulin shot.

Do not let your guard off when you take care of your cat.

After a couple of periods, your vet may ask you to reduce the volume of insulin for your feline diabetes cat.

Maybe your cat will need insulin shots for a long time, but if that treatment makes your lovely cat live their healthy and happy life, you must always be there to support your cute cat.

So have you seen any feline diabetes symptoms with your cat right now? I hope not.

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