how do cats help humans

Discover How Do Cats Help Humans Become Healthier

Cats train us to be better

Not only the psychological and physiological benefits that can be obtained from maintaining a cat.

Cats can also affect our personality and daily behavior. And this encourages us to do the best for our lives.

A reasonably controversial study was carried out by the University of Colorado Boulder.

They concluded that by infecting adults with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which was only found in cats. Can make someone more financially successful.

This is because people who are infected are more willing to take risks that can make them financially profitable.

A study published in early 2018 also found that autistic children who grew up raising kittens showed better behavior.

Because cats can provide valuable emotional support.

I hope this information will answer the question “how do cats help humans become healthier.” Meow…

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