How Do Cats Show They Love You

How do cats show they love you? Just another question that sometimes crossed my mind.

Having any pet is believed to be good for the human heart, but cats, in particular, alleviate the stress level, possibly because they require very little maintenance. 

Cats do not jump when you get back to the house or lick your face vigorously. They show their affection in a completely different way. 

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How Do Cats Show They Love You? Through Eyes!

Observe their eyes with caution. Studies have shown that when a cat trusts people, it looks at them with half-closed eyes while blinking slowly.

These first blinks are known as cat kisses and convey relaxation, contentment, care, reliability, etc.

You may reciprocate by taking your face close to your cat’s face and blinking. This strengthens your relationship with your feline friend. 

By Hanging Around and On You

Felines hang around and on a person when they enjoy his or her company to a great extent. Your precious kitty shows affection by napping where you are working or on your lap. 

Cats position themselves in a way that their entire body touches you or pats you with one of their paws. Now isn’t that incredibly cute?

How Do Cats Show They Love You? Through Head Butts 

Head bunting or head butts are another way through which cats show they love you. This particular gesture mingles your scent with theirs. 

Apart from showing trust and friendship, remember, head butts also proclaim ownership. The smell that is generated from the glands located in the cat’s head transfers to your head when he or she butts it.

Through Cheek Rubs

How Do Cats Show They Love You

One friendly way cats greet people they love, and trust is by rubbing their cheeks on them. Cheek rubs are also a fantastic sign of socialization. 

The cheeks of the kitties have glands that produce abundant pheromones. Apart from showing trust, love, and care, through this behavior, cats also try to mark that you are their owner. 

Through Tails

Tails are considered emotional barometers, conveying what they feel when they are held and positioned in a certain way.

Remember, besides happiness and affection, cats use tails also to communicate a gamut of other undesirable emotions, including aggression and fear. 

Through Grooming

How Do Cats Show They Love You

Cats feel close and connected through mutual grooming. When relaxed, they generate a particular scent, which they utilize to recognized family members and friends. 

Cats lick the hands of human beings when they wish to show immense passion. Such a gesture is quite rare and does not be disheartened if you fail to notice it even after years of petting. 

How Do Cats Show They Love You? Through Sounds

How do cats show they love you? Another answer to this question is through sounds. Mews, chirps, chirrs, trills, and purrs are ways in which cats communicate their endearment.

Mews is soft most of the time but can also be louder. Purring indicates that your cats are feeling safe, secured, and reassured around you. The purrs may represent affection a tad bit more, especially if accompanied by kisses and cheek rubs. 

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