How Old is the World’s Oldest Cat

How Old is the World’s Oldest Cat? Have you ever thought that your lovely feline can be the oldest cats in the world?

Besides being associated with the supernatural, like black cats that associated with bad luck, cats are one of the animals that can have a long enough life in the world.

How old is the world’s oldest cat through research?

According to Wikipedia, compared to the age of humans, a year old cat is the same as 15 years of human life. The average age of cats is between 12 years and 15 years. Cats over 20 years old are very rarely found, but it is possible if the cat is well maintained.

Below are the oldest cats in the world that are over 20 years old, both those who still have 9 lives or who have run out of 9 lives. I hope this blog post will answer the question of how old is the world’s oldest cat.

Creme Puff

According to Jake Perry, why this cat can have a long life because he always feeds Creme Puff with eggs, broccoli, smoked meat, and asparagus. Creme puff died when he was 38 years old 3 days. Born in Texas on August 3, 1967, and died on August 6, 2005.

how old is the world's oldest cat


Because of difficulty breathing and heart failure, Nutmeg must leave this world forever. Nutmeg left when he was 32 years old. According to Liz and Ian Finlay who are lived in Tyneside, England, the secret of Nutmeg’s longevity is because he likes tuna and grilled chicken. Nutmeg began to be nurtured by the couple in 1990. And had suffered a stroke before finally dying.

Before I heard about creme puff, I thought nutmeg will be my final answer of how old is the world’s oldest cat?

how old is the world's oldest cat


Rubble is a 31-year-old male cat from Exeter, England. This cat is a gift obtained by Michelle Foster, when she had a birthday in May 1988. Until now the cat still has 9 lives,


Little Corduroy started being nurtured by Ashley Reed Okura when Okura was 7 years old. When Corduroy reached the age of 26, Okura bought mice as a gift for the Corduroy. The secret of corduroy can reach that age is a low protein diet, which is very useful in protecting his kidneys.

Tiffany Two

According to Sharon Voorhees, Tiffany two is a very aggressive and unique cat. The age of this cat when he died was 26 years, which when compared with the age of humans is 121 years. Previously Sharon had a cat named Tifanny, and died of cancer at the age of 10 years, in memory of the cat Tiffany Two’s name was given to the cat afterward.


For 24 years the poppy has been part of the beloved family of Jacqui West. But finally Poppy had to leave due to urine infection problems and injuries to his legs. This cat who lives in Bournemouth, Dorset, was previously named Popsy and was adopted by Jacqui’s mother, Marguerite Corner.


This Siamese lost his 9th life not long after he celebrated his 30th birthday. This was stated by the cat owner, Gail Floyd. If the age of the cat is compared to the age of a human, the age of the scooter when he died reached more than 100 years.

So in your opinion, can cats have a long life because they have nine lives? I hope you can find the answer to how old is the world’s oldest cat questions.

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