keep cat cool in summer

How to Keep Cat Cool in Summer

The hot weather has arrived, and we know how dangerous heat is for us as humans and for our beloved cats. Learn how to keep cat cool in summer.

Therefore we need to pay attention to our beloved cats because cats don’t pay too much attention to hot weather. Our favorite cat can coolly walk under the sun during broad daylight.

Reported by, Alison Richards, the center veterinary officer for Cat Protection, gave several tips to keep our favorite cats feeling cold, happy, and always healthy throughout the hot weather.

Don’t let your cat out of the room.

Best way to protect your cat during summer is keeping the cat always inside the house during the hottest time. Between 10 am and 3 pm

Because exposure to excessive sunlight is quite dangerous for your cat. Especially for cats that have white or pale eyes or noses.

Make sure cats drink plenty of water

Cats are usually lazy to drink lots of water, so we typically have to make sure of that.

Throughout the summer, place a few bowls of water around your house, so that cats have no trouble when they want to drink.

Glass, ceramic, or metal bowls will be better than plastic because plastic can change the taste of water.

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