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Discover How to Make a Skinny Cat Gain Weight

Do you currently have a less fat cat, and are thinking about how to make your skinny cat gain weight?

We know cats are one of God’s creations that has a level of cuteness that can make their owners or people around them happy or even crazy.

And usually, the level of cuteness will increase if our favorite cat has a body that is not skinny.

So, how can we make cats more fat without making their health disturbed?

Because if we do it wrong, the problem can happen to our beloved cat.

In this daily cat facts episode, we learn an easy way to help our pet cat get fatter.

Increase the appetite

Stimulating the cat’s brain to look for food is the easiest way to increase appetite.

This process can be done with an effortless technique, which is applying the nose of a cat with wet food that smells fishy.

How to Make a Skinny Cat Gain Weight

 Choose the right food for the cat

Then the next step is to provide cat food that has enough nutritional and nutritional content.

This can be done by giving cat biscuits that have good nutritional content.

Or it can also provide quality meat and fish. Automatically this can make cats fatter faster.

Giving vitamins

Sometimes just giving food won’t work enough to make the cat fatter faster, because we know that cats are one of the animals that like to play around. So that it automatically burns more calories.

Therefore it can be accelerated by giving vitamins to these cats.

Vitamin has been proven effective in making our cats fatter and healthier faster.

More recommended vitamins are those that have high fish oil content.

Its use can be applied to the cat’s tongue, or mixed with cat food.

Don’t stress cats

The lousy stress and mood of a cat can result in a decrease in appetite for the cat.

Therefore make the cat’s heart always happy to make it easier to fatten the cat’s body.

Balanced play and rest time

If the cat is resting or sleeping soundly, it is advisable not to disturb him.

Because like humans, cats must have a balanced time between resting and playing time.

So that the cat’s growth can take place optimally until the cat is getting old.

Please don’t forget to take him for a walk to the park or the forest.

Is your cat still less cute at this time? If yes, you now know how to make a skinny cat gain weight. More daily cat facts in here, Meow…

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