How to Stop My Cat from Bullying My other Cat? 2 Simple Step

How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat? If your cat has this behavior, then you should stay. Now you know that not only humans have the nature of bullying. Even cats have this unawesome behavior.

We know that cats are peaceful animals; they rarely fight except during the mating season.

But have you ever experienced a problem related to harmony between two pet cats that you care about in your home?

How to Stop My Cat from Bullying My other Cat

If so, maybe you can try the following solution, a Reddit user Cputnik has a straightforward answer.

Rub down their chin affectionately using the same hand many times because this will mix their pheromones.

Eventually, they will assume that they are a package of cats that share the same pheromones.

Other Reddit users also let us know that this method is quite effective in making cats accept each other with other cats.

Not only that, but this action also makes cats feel helped when hanging out with other animals around them.

How to Stop My Cat from Bullying My other Cat

The Reddit user named Johnson tells enthusiastically how he made a newborn kitten get along with his pet dog using this method.

First, he puts the cat in the bathroom alone. Then he began to put his pet dog one by one.

First, he stroked his cat next with the same hand he also touched the dog. This is done repeatedly with the second dog.

And now the three of them have been chatting with each other on the beanbag.

Another Reddit user, chefyaboy_rd has a different method but with the same principle. He asked his two favorite cats to eat dry food from his hand, after which he rubbed the slobber on each cat’s face.

How to Stop My Cat from Bullying My other Cat

It’s more complicated than the previous method, but he ensures that cats like things that are different than usual.

So if you have experienced this problem, don’t hesitate to apply the secure method above.

Because this method can make your favorite cat feel comfortable with the environment and other animals around him

Cats will feel in the same package as other animals, rather than as rivals.

Now you know the answer of how to stop my cat from bullying my other cat? I hope this article will help you.

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