How to Train Your Cat Using the Toilet

You did not misread the title above. In fact, it is actually possible to train cats to use the toilet. At first we were also pessimistic, until finally we did a research. As a result, cats become able to use the toilet and there are many other benefits that can be obtained.

Those who have kept cats for a long time will agree that cleaning up dirt is not a fun activity and can cause dirty. Maintenance of dirt tanks is also expensive and takes a lot of time. There is actually a training program and product out there that can train your cat to use a human toilet within 8 weeks! (Maybe now you think, why you didn’t think about this before!)

Why Need to Train Cats Using a Toilet?

Let’s start by talking about cats and their cleanliness!

Try to think, your cat walks into the tub, scavenging, and everything falls apart in just a few seconds, then finds the right point and then defecates. He then buried his excrement and jumped out of the tub.

Where did your cat go then? Maybe when you are passing in the room where the tub is, your cat can jump and curl up on your lap? Very funny, isn’t it?

Now, let’s imagine where your cat goes when you don’t see it. First, leave a can of open cat food on a chair; of course he will go to pamper his stomach. When he finished eating and the food can was empty, he would come down from the chair and take a nap. Where is the place better than the pillow? May be your chest? It’s really adorable.

Do you understand the purpose of the story? Cats, no matter how much you love them, actually have dirty feet.

But we don’t need to blame him, because indeed dirty feet are part of the ‘instincts’ he has. Of course there are also other benefits, namely savings. As we have seen, the treatment of cat litter is very expensive. In addition, the time you spend cleaning it is really very meaningful too.

You should clean the cat litter tub twice per week. You have to clean the dirt, wipe the tub, and fill it with new sand. Twice a week in 15 minutes means you need 30 minutes each week. Try multiplying 52 weeks a year and you must wrestle with dirt for 26 hours a year. Coupled with two 5 minutes a day you have to spend taking cat feces from the sand and throwing it in the toilet. Try multiplying by 7 days a week and you have to spend 70 minutes per week to do this task.

In one year, the total time you spend is approximately 82 hours to clean cat feces. In that time, there are certainly many other things you can do!

Have Your Cats Got Your Attention?

Cats are smart animals and they learn very quickly. According to Aston Lau, the author of ‘The Toilet Trained Cat’ it was very possible to train 6-month-old cats within 4-6 weeks.

“The advantage is very real: having a cat trained to use the toilet will not cause odor in the house because of the dung tub. You can improve the health and cleanliness of everyone in the house,” said Lau, who has trained not only his own cats, but many cats belong to families his friends. And the results are very satisfying!

What should be done to train cats to use a toilet?

If your cat has stabilized and has been trained to defecate in a dung tub, it will be very easy to practice defecating in a human toilet. Follow these training rules and your cat will easily take part in training using the toilet:

  • It is recommended to move the cat litter tub near your toilet, so that it is easy to introduce the concept together with the smell and new environment. This is called the "adjustment stage".
  • You then periodically raise your cat litter tub (can be helped with plastic chairs or a stack of telephone books) slowly every day until the dung tub is at the same height as your toilet. Every time you raise a dirt container, don't forget to take some sand from the tub.
  • Move the tub above the toilet seat (for starters, place only half) until the cat is familiar with the concept. When he feels comfortable, move the tub completely above the toilet seat.
  • Change the tub of dirt with a training tub. (Can be purchased online or at certain pet stores) Be sure to clean the sand in the training tub after each use and sprinkle catnip into clean sand.
  • After a few days, take off one of the edges of the training ground. Repeat every few days until all the edges are gone. (The purpose of this is to familiarize cats with the scenery / smell of toilet water).
  • Be sure to flush the toilet every time the cat defecates. It seems that there are some cats who are "embarrassed" to defecate on their own feces. ("Shame" - tends to be polite in my opinion!)

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