Discover How to Treat Hypothyroidism in Cats Naturally and Effectively?

In this blog post, I will share with you on how to treat hypothyroidism in cats naturally and effectively. And I hope you will get a clear understanding of hypothyroidism after you finish reading this post.

Hyperthyroidism is a hormonal imbalance in which, thyroid gland expands and generates more thyroid hormones (called T3 and T4) than required.

Hence, it results in excessive weight loss, vomiting, anxiety, an increase in liver enzymes, heart ailments. 

It’s more common in middle-aged/senior cats and is also known as thyrotoxicosis. 


The cause of hypothyroidism is not yet clear. However, factors contributing to this are –

  1. Excess or deficiency of specific components in the diet
  2. Long term exposure to thyroid disrupting chemicals in the environment or food.
  3. Types of equipment used to line canned food.  
  4. A genetic tendency.

Treatment for Hyperthyroidism

You may be unfamiliar about the treatment options for it and may wonder how to treat hypothyroidism in cats naturally when your cat displayed symptoms of it. 

Well, few treatments include- giving them specific vitamins and supplements, switching their diet to raw food, or go for specific natural pet foods and supplements. 

Traditional therapies are also available as a valid option. Like,

Iodine Therapy

It’s one of the most beneficial treatments involving the utilization of radioactive I-131.

It consists of only a single treatment of I-131, which specifically targets the thyroid gland and doesn’t include parathyroid glands & other structures nearby.

Iodine therapy is a non-intrusive treatment, consisting of a few days of hospitalization (maximum four to five days), to allow the radioactive molecules to break down. 


A single treatment is beneficial, and it’s require no day to day medication. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s a non-intuitive treatment, and you won’t have to desensitize your cat twice every day for the rest of their lives.

Even though it’s heart-breaking to stay away from your fuzzy one, the treatment is undoubtedly productive in the long run.


How to Treat Hypothyroidism in Cats Naturally

Methimazole is a drug absorbed through the epidermis (usually through the ear) or taken orally. 

It functions by involving itself with the thyroid’s ability to generate thyroid hormones. The drug is quite tolerable to cats and is most recommended among pennyworth treatments. 

Methimazole Advantages

Methimazole is an inexpensive and effective treatment. If your cat is stubborn and isn’t taking the pills, you can apply the transdermal cream to its ears twice a day. The symptoms will start diminishing within a few weeks, and your cat will feel outstanding as it’s thyroid gland will start functioning correctly. 

If the above treatments don’t impress you enough, you can contact a paid veterinarian as he or she can swiftly examine and detect your pet’s disease and treat them by prescribing proper medication.

They’ll also advise you regarding your pet’s sanitary issues, general care, and feeding as they provide care to a vast range of animals.

In addition to this, look for such veterinarian who can plan and execute animal nutrition. 

We know that cats are diagnosed with this sickness more often than any other species.

Still, there’s nothing to worry about how to treat hyperthyroidism in cats naturally, as every problem has its solution.

Some simple precautions are all it takes to keep your cat healthy and well. 

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