Is It OK to Declaw a Cat

Is It OK to Declaw a Cat? Your Ultimate Answer

Is it OK to declaw a cat because cats use their claws for various vital purposes?

Claws are very important for cats because they are an essential part of their balance.

If you’ve ever seen a cat jump and stick to high objects, you will notice that they are using their paws to pull themselves up.

Even when they climb trees, cats tend to use their claws to stick to the bark and climb towards their destination.

The importance of Cats Claw

Cats also use their claws to stretch, walk, and run.

Is It OK to Declaw a Cat

Claws are also the main defense source of cats from other animal attacks and also from humans.

Most cats keep their claws sharp because their claws and teeth are the only weapons they have.

Claws are also very important to use when they are pooping because cats use claws to cover their feces.

Claw Secrections

Cats also use their claws to scratch something, which means marking their territory.

Their claws have glands, which contain secretions. So that when they leave a mark on something, the secretion moves to the area that they scratched.

The secretion can be detected by other cats but not to humans.

Sometimes, they will also scratch something to replace the older claw with a new claw underneath.

How to Remove It

The sad thing is, many pet owners prefer to save their property, such as expensive furniture and carpets, by sacrificing their pet cats.

These cat owners fear that their cat will damage their furniture or carpet, and will, therefore, choose to pull out their cat’s claws.

Removing a cat’s claw must go through a surgical procedure, a procedure that can only be done by a veterinarian.

Cat owners must be able to give a strong reason because veterinarians will not operate if only to protect their expensive furniture or carpet.

Is it OK to Declaw a Cat?

If you are thinking of doing the procedure, you should know that the process can eventually change the personality of your beloved cat.

Once your cat has gone through the procedure, your cat will become deformed, and they will be in pain and confused.

Is It OK to Declaw a Cat

He might not be able to jump on the window or the couch, and he most likely won’t be able to play like he used to.

Some cats, after their claws removed, tend to become aggressive and start biting with their teeth.

In short, the cat will be genuinely miserable – which is a critical thing for cat owners to take, who love their cats very much.

Are You Ready to Have Cats?

Those who decide to have a cat should know that occasionally cats can scratch your favorite items.

If someone is not ready to face that reality, they should not have a cat.

Cats are great pets, even though they have claws, and they will only use them once in a while.

There are many other great pets out there that you can have if you are not ready to raise cats.

If you are just worried about your furniture or carpet, there are ways to keep your cat from scratching your things.

Scratching Post

It is essential to get your cat a scratching post. And you must let your feline friend know how to use it and where you put it.

Is It OK to Declaw a Cat

Getting a rush mat as well would be another great choice, it will ignite your cat instincts to scratch.

You also may have to show how to use the mat or the post at first, although in many cases, your cat should catch onto it immediately.

Once you have shown your cats the ropes, they will quickly start to scratch on the mat or the post – and not your carpet or your beautiful furniture.


There are many ways to protect your valuable items, besides making your cat flawed.

Pulling out a cat’s claws is very painful and confusing for your cat, and can change their outlook on various things.

Before you decide to take that inhuman path, you should check other available options. I’m sure the options I outlined above will make your cat love you more.

Last but not least I hope after you finish reading this article, you can answer this ultimate question, Is it OK to Declaw a Cat?

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