kidney failures in cats

Kidney Failure in Cats: Symptoms, Treatments, & Life Expectancy

Kidney failure in cats is, unfortunately, a common disorder in older cats. It can be divided into categories. 

Acute renal failure develops out of nowhere, over a couple of weeks, and is characterized by infection as well as blockages in the kidneys.

Chronic renal failure, on the other hand, develops over months and sometimes years. 

It wears down the normal functioning of the kidneys to a great extent. 

Before learning how long can cats live with kidney failure, let us first try to be acquainted with the symptoms and available treatment options. 

Kidney Failure in Cats Symptoms

Sometimes you think cats may frequently be urinating because their kidneys are working correctly. In actuality means, they are no longer able to retain water in the bladder.

Urinating everywhere other than their litter box is another significant indication that something is wrong.

As your cat is losing a substantial amount of water by urinating, he or she will try to replace it under all circumstances to feel energetic.

Kidney Failure in Cats

If you notice him or her drinking a lot of water, know that it is not because he or she is thirsty or because it is summer season and hot outside.

None can deny the bacterial infections of the kidney and bladder. The harmful bacteria find it quite easy to inhabit the dilute or cloudy urine produced by the failing kidneys.

The cats vomit and get diarrhea too frequently. Make sure to not neglect by giving them only OTC medications.

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, a few more rare include decrease in appetite, weight loss and bad breath.

And also breath having an ammonia-like smell, constipation, mouth ulcers, brownish coat on the tongue, and fatigue.

Kidney Failure in Cats Treatments

kidney failure in cats

Starting from surgery, to removing the kidney blockages through IV fluids, there is a wide range of treatments.

The vet may also fabricate an individual diet low in protein and phosphorus, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Regular checkups, lots of water, and a relaxing environment also help. 

Kidney Failure in Cats Life Expectancy

Now coming back to how long can cats live with kidney failure, the top-notch researchers failed to provide an exact figure because a series of factors are at play here.

how long can cats live with kidney failure

However, they did pinpoint the stages that influence life expectancy.

In the case of acute renal failure, the first 24 hours is exceptionally vital.

If there is improvement during this particular period, the symptoms may subside. The cat will begin to eat regularly, and thus, have the power to endure fluid therapy.

Your cats may also require an intravenous injection.

If cats suffer from chronic renal failure, the life expectancy will rely on the stage of the sickness in which they are in. This means cats live only for a few years.

If the feline is in the terminal stage with absolutely zero chance of recovery, the vet often recommends euthanasia because this stage inflicts excruciating pain.

Now that you know everything about kidney failure in cats, make sure to pay proper attention to this condition; thus, try saving your precious companion. 

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