Know Their Nature Through Cat Colors and Patterns

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There is a very strong relationship between cat colors and patterns and the nature of cats. Does your cat match the results of the following research?

Besides having different types, cats also have different postures, behaviors, and abilities.

Likewise with the color and pattern of fur on our pets this one. There are white, black, gray and so on.

This time we will discuss about the properties possessed by cats from the color and pattern of their fur.

After careful research, cat breeders, veterinarians, animal behavior experts, and cat owners agree that there is a very strong relationship between the two.

White Cats

Spoiled is one of the traits that turns out to be part of this white cat.

In addition, white cats also have a shy nature and often experience anxiety.

Although not all, white cats with blue eyes are at risk of experiencing congenital deafness.

And the main reason they are embarrassed because some of them have poor vision.

Black cat

Black cats are always associated with the supernatural, such as bringing bad luck or other scary things.

But many fans of black cats feel the advantages that are very happy to have a black cat.

Actually black cats are very intelligent animals, although sometimes they like to be alone.

Then the black cat has a very active nature and is also very clever when hunting prey.

And amazingly, according to the results of research on pet cat temperament conducted by the University of California, Davis.

Black cats are the most friendly cats. Very different from what we usually know about these cats all this time.

Still afraid to keep black cats?

Tortie Cat

This cat turns out to have a unique character. Very independent, energetic and unexpected is the nature of this cat

But they tend to be rather angry, strong-willed and can be a little possessive towards their owners.

So do not be surprised if this cat will be very fussy if left by the owner even if only for a while.

Calico Cat

Calico cats have a calm, relaxed personality and also very sweet appearance.

The majority of calico cats are female, almost 99%, and male calico cats are very few in population.

Due to the huge population of female calico cats, their lives filled with the love with each other or with their fellow cats or human around them.

Even the owner can feel the love emitted by Calico cats.

Brown cat

Brown cats are attention-seeking cats but are very intelligent. Don’t be surprised if the brown cat likes to meow if ignored by the owner.

Besides being smart, brown cats are also very fun when invited to play.

Gray cat

Gray cats are cats that are calm and mature. But also like to disturb other cats. This is because gray cats also have naughty and attractive behavior.

Gray cats also love to play and have a very high curiosity. That is one reason why chocolate cats like to disturb other cats.

Black and white cat

Black and white cats turned out to be shy, but so black and white cats are very active and clever.

And one of the cleverness of a black and white cat is not like to waste time by fighting with other cats.

Well, it must be owned by all cat lovers. Stop wasting your time for nothing.

Ginger cat

Who doesn’t know Garfield, especially cat lovers around the world? Yes, Garfield is one of the ginger cats.

Like Garfield, one of the characteristics of cat ginger is lazy. This is due to their lack of interest in hunting.

Even so, male ginger cats are assertive, irritable, aggressive and have a fairly loud meow sound.

But the female ginger cat is the opposite. They are more calm, calm and like to be hugged or pampered.

Seal point siamese cat

Seal point siamese cat has texture that are somewhat similar to dogs. This cat is full of enthusiasm, smart and high affection.

And amazingly they can be invited to take a walk as we take the dog to the park.

Tabby cat

As we know, this cat has a fur pattern similar to a tiger, which is a striped color. They are funny, smart, full of love and can be good friends for humans or their owners.

These tabby cats are usually quite loners and have a tendency to play aggressively.

And tabby cats really enjoy hunting their prey outside the home or in the wild. So it’s a bit difficult to keep this tabby cat in the house of the owner

However, all of this is only a result of general observations and does not necessarily apply to all cats.

So, is your cat colors and patterns behavior have any match with this article?