5 Things That You Never Expect On Male Cats

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Want to raise a cat? but confused about choosing his sex. Do you have to choose male cats or female cats?

No different from humans, male cat and female cat also have different characteristics.

When caring for a female cat, of course, there is one additional work that must be done, namely when the female cat gives birth.

Besides having to take care of our kittens, we are also faced with additional costs.

If that is a problem, then male cats are the right choice for you.

For consideration, the following things can increase your knowledge of male cats’ behavior before deciding whether male cats are the best choice.

Love to mate

Adult male cats will often leave home to look for the female cat he wants to marry.

At that time, his appetite will increase, because he wants to make his body stronger and bigger in order to attract the attention of female cats.

And at this time male cat will be a little lazy to be invited to play

Prefer wild food

Although not all, most males love wild foods, such as mice, ducks, frogs, and some small mammals around the house where they are kept.

But you do not need to be afraid, the male cat will still eat the food that you prepare wistfully.

Aggressive cats

In order for you not to be surprised, a male cat has more aggressive behavior than the female cat.

Therefore sometimes you will find a male cat who likes to fight with other cats.

This aggressive behavior is caused by high testosterone levels in the male cat than a female cat.

But don’t be afraid, this doesn’t happen every day. Because surely we will experience stress when we see male cats fighting every day.

male cats

Adventurous Cats

Like Indiana Jones, male cats have a tendency to wander around their environment compared to female cats.

Sometimes he can leave the house without direction and sometimes it can be very far too.

This he did only so that he could meet the female cat he would make the bride for the night.

So you have to be prepared, when you call your favorite male cat, he doesn’t answer.

But don’t be discouraged, your male cat will definitely go home. Because the best place for him is definitely the home of the owner.

male cats

Like looking for attention

Actually, male cats are more fun when invited to play, besides that male cats are more spoiled and like to seek the attention of their owners by rubbing down their hair on their bodies.

But unfortunately, if we rarely pay attention to it, or even ignore it at all, a male cat will tend to do strange things that can make us frown, like dropping things.

So get ready to buy a new vase, if you don’t pay attention to your favorite male cat.

male cats

So, have you made a choice, more attention seeking male cat or a female cat who likes to give birth to cute kittens?