should cats be bathed

Should Cats Be Bathed? Discover 3 Best Answers

Should cats be bathed? Naturally, cats are self-groomers. However, some cats require to be bathed regularly. 

Like other animals that enjoy bathing, cats too require to be bathed. 

Cats devote most of their time cleaning themselves.

They do so by sweeping away dirt and loose hair off their body. 

It is crucial for their coat as it remains healthy all through.

Should Cats Be Bathed

There are essential occasions that your cat needs to get bathed. These occasions are as follows;

When the cat is having difficulties reaching some dirty spots in the body. 

As your cat ages, it may encounter trouble cleaning itself, thus giving it a hand is necessary.

When your cat having health problems. 

Just like human beings, when we get sick, we require some help in certain circumstances. In this case, when cats are sick, it’s necessary to help them get bathed. Cats with arthritis may be unable to clean themselves due to pain in the joints.

Overweight cats.

Cats that have a lot of bodyweights require to be bathed. This is because the cat can have difficulties reaching its back and tail.

How often should your cat get bathed?

Most people wonder how often a cat should get bathed. Cats with health problems require a bath every two weeks to keep the coat healthy.

should cats be bathed

However, if your cat loves water, giving it a bath every month would be cool for the cat. In other cases where the cat may have allergies, it’s important to scrub it gently every day.

Bathing helps in reducing the allergens on the coat.

The veterinarian, however, advises cat owners to avoid bathing the cat often as this can make the coat dull or can cause itchiness to the skin.

How to bathe a cat safely

Veterinarians recommend washing the cat with oat-based shampoo since it helps in preventing allergies on the coat.

should cats be bathed

Products with harsh chemicals are highly discouraged since they can cause itchiness.

However, one should observe the best shampoos for their cat. This will help in giving your cat the safest bath.

Some cats may get afraid of water; in this case, a dry bath is necessary. The use of dry bath products does a dry bath. These products moisturize the cat’s coat and help brush its fur leaving it clean.

Requirements in bathing a cat include the following; a grooming shampoo, rubber mat, two towels, washcloth, and water. The procedure is as follows;

  • Brush your cat thoroughly as you prepare to make it wet.
  • Avoid things that might scare the cat away e.g., mirrors. This helps in making the cat feel comfortable in the sink.
  • Place the rubber mat at the bottom of the sink. Put the cat on the rubber mat and run warm water on its coat. Ensure the water is at the body temperature of the cat.
  • Brush through the coat of the cat using shampoo and water. With this, you are sure the cat will enjoy the bath. After bathing it, use the towel to wipe off the water.

For the case of kittens, use a small container with warm water; lower your cat gently in the box while holding it at the bottom.

Allow your kitten to stand on the container using its hind legs as you wet its fur. Lift the cat and use a washcloth with shampoo and clean its face.

After washing it softly with the washcloth, dip it back into the container with water and rinse it. Use another towel to wipe the water.

Benefits of bathing a cat

Stepping in and ensuring your cat gets a cool bath is essential. The following are the benefits of bathing your cat.

When a cat bathes itself, it leaves saliva all over its fur. This saliva contains microbial that can easily spread in the touring body. To avoid this bathing, the cat yourself is a good solution.

should cats be bathed

Bathing your cat is beneficial as it helps in keeping the cat healthy. Using a shampoo to clean the cat is essential since the bacteria get killed when bathing.

Bathing helps in preventing your cat from shedding fur. Since it’s not possible to stop shedding completely, cleaning it helps in lessening the problem.

Bathing helps in helping cats clean their whole body. Cats with greasier fur experience problems bathing themselves. Therefore, helping them do the bathing makes the entire body washes.

Bathing is beneficial for overweight cats since they encounter difficulties cleaning their entire body. When such cats clean themselves, they leave out some parts unclean, and this may be a breeding ground for infections.

Therefore, bathing them is crucial. So should cats be bathed? Yes you should!

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