Do You Know Your Stress Affect Cats! Learn How to Avoid It

There are no questions that we all live in reasonably stressful times. And do you know that your stress because of that can affect your lovely cats?

The combination of work, family responsibilities, and the shelling of lousy news from television and the Internet can help make you nervous and upset.

Without realizing it, your behavior can quickly have adverse effects on your cat, which can lead to inappropriate elimination.

When your kitten begins to urinate in the house or apartment, it may be time to look back at your behavior. And try to fix it.

Domestic stress affect cats

Cats are not packaged animals, like dogs, but they are as attached to their humans as dogs.

And can quickly tell when everything is wrong for you.

Because cats are not verbal, they are experts at understanding body language and facial nuances.

So, even if you do not get discouraged in the house shouting, there is a good chance your cat can say you’re stressed.

stress affect cats

When stressed, your cat will notice it, and the likelihood of the litter box being ignored will increase.

Cats that become stressed are also much more likely to develop interstitial cystitis.

It is a sadly understood condition that causes inflammation of the nerves connected to the bladder and loss of bladder control.

It also involves loss of the protective lining of the bladder so that that urine can irritate the delicate walls of the organ.

Once your cat is stressed in response to your stress, it may start with spray marking to try to create a sense of security.

Relax your cat

Your cat does not try to irritate you when he pees in the wrong places.

So, never punish the cat physically or verbally; it will not only be useless; it will only make the animal more stressed.

Giving a lot of attention to your cat, especially caressing it, will have a calming effect on both of you.

stress affect cats

It is scientifically proven that pet stroking reduces stress and, as you get better, your cat too.

Pheromone products that bind to cat neurotransmitters can also help restore your cat’s normal behavior.

And often, once the stress problem is eliminated, the issue of inappropriate disposal is also reduced.

Now you know that your stress can affect your cats. Don’t forget to play more with your feline friends.