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This Kpop Song Can Be Cat Sleeping Pills!

Do you have a cat that has trouble sleeping or need your cat to sleep while traveling? Rather than giving your cat sleeping pills, it’s better to listen to music.

Epik High, KPOP Group from South Korea, reportedly made a song that has an unexpected effect, which is to make the cat fall asleep.

Epik High, fronted by Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukuts, made a song that has several unique facts.

The song that can make a sleeping cat release on the Sleepless in __ album in 2019 and the song is titled ‘Lullaby for a Cat.’

The title of the song alone is very suitable for the atmosphere that can make the cat fall asleep.

Some people had contacted Tablo and told him that the song had managed to make the cat fall asleep.

Tablo did not expect that the song could affect making cats sleep.

“Many people contacted me about that,” Tablo said.

“They said, when playing the song, their cats fell asleep,” he continued.

Composers and singers who take shelter at YG Entertainment also initially thought that everything was joking.

However, he finally believed after many reported similar incidents.

He claimed the song was inspired by his imagination that imagined himself in the middle of the night alone while accompanied by a cat.

He hoped that in his imagination, at least the song could make a cat sleep because he didn’t like having trouble sleeping.

Scientifically, cats are indeed susceptible to low-frequency sounds.

The repetitive sound mechanism in the song may sound similar to the sound of a cat’s snoring.

Even according to SBS reports, many fans say the song not only makes cats sleep, but also dogs, rabbits, and even babies.

Intrigued by Epik High’s unique song that can make your favorite cat fall asleep like cat sleeping pills? check the video below.

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