Tips to Travel with Your Cat

It’s very difficult for cat lovers to leave their beloved cat, even if only for a few days. Therefore, it is not uncommon for cat owners who want to go far and finally bring their pets along..

Carrying a cat back and forth is actually not difficult. But it’s a good idea to pay attention to a number of things before bringing a cat to travel long distances. Because, some types of cats easily become stressed when having to travel long distances, even some cats will feel stress when they hear the sound of a car engine.

This feeling of stress can have an unpleasant effect on cats. As a result, they may experience pain after the trip, or even try to run away when there is a chance.

To avoid this incident, here are six tips for cat lovers who want to go home with their favorite cat.

1. Use a comfortable cat basket

Cat basket is the easiest alternative for you to take when you want to travel with your favorite cat. The basket that can be opened and closed can also function as a cage.
By using a cage, the cat will not move arbitrarily, let alone jump out of the car or disturb the driver of the vehicle which of course can be very dangerous.
Then choose a basket or cat cage that is comfortable and easy to carry, not to make the cage too narrow or lack air holes. Adjust the size of the cage to the size of the cat’s body. Don’t forget to also provide a soft and comfortable base.

2. Feed enough before leaving

Before you start your journey, it’s good to give your cat food and drink enough first. This is all you need to do to keep in mind when during a difficult trip to eat or drink.
Additionally, it’s best to make sure your cats pee first before traveling.

3. Bring food from home

In addition to bringing food for supplies during the trip, you should bring food from home to stock up while in your hometown or outside the city. Because, who knows your cat’s favorite food brand is not in your destination.

4. Prepare a harness and rope

Unlike dogs, cats do not like to use harnesses and ropes. However, harnesses and straps can be useful to prevent your cat from escaping, especially when you are at your home or staying at a hotel. Harnesses are also useful so you can take a walk on your cat who might start feeling sore because it’s too long in the cage.
But, maybe you have to be patient, because cats often rebel when wearing harnesses.

5. Be careful of heat attacks

Take your cat out of the car when you decide to pause and always make sure the car’s air conditioner is turned on when your cat is inside. Because, cats are animals that are susceptible to heat stroke or heat attacks, especially if they have thick fur.
Cats who have heat strokes will begin to breathe fast, feel anxious, runny, even vomiting and fainting.

6. Consult the health of your cat

Finally, don’t forget to first consult a veterinarian to determine whether your cat is healthy enough to be taken away. If your cat is easily drunk during the trip, you can ask for a cat-specific hangover.
And if your cat is easily stressed or unwell, maybe you should leave your cat at home.

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