Toxoplasmosis Symptoms in Cats

Have you heard toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats, if not you must have heard this myth before?

Cats are a cause of infertility. This myth was one of the old myths that have long spread in our society.

The common assumption was that if we interact with cats can cause infertility. And its something that usually said by many people before.

I’m sure you have heard these things or myths before. This is because of the connection between cats and toxoplasma virus.

In this daily cat facts, we will talk about it. So that we can understand more about toxoplasmosis, and can prevent it as early as possible.

Here are toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats that you should be aware of.

Cat sudden loss of appetite

It is bizarre if we get our favorite cat suddenly loses its taste. And the stomach will look more concave than usual.

The worst possibility if we get our beloved cat in a situation like this. Its digestion has attacked by toxoplasma virus.

At this stage, bringing the cat to the vet is the best choice.

toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats

Cats lose weight

You can be sure if your favorite cat loses its appetite, its weight will decrease drastically.

Even on many occasions, its weight continues to decrease gradually over time.

This is most likely caused by the toxoplasma virus that has infected the cat.

toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats

Cat suddenly lethargic

Our favorite cat is very fond of playing, whether it’s playing with a ball, or with its tail.

But if your cat suddenly becomes lazy and sluggish to play, this could be caused by the toxoplasma virus.

But the chances of our cat attacked by other diseases are also significant.

The first aid that we can do to increase the body’s resistance is to give it vitamins.

But if the cat remains sluggish despite taking vitamins. The veterinarian is the next best destination.

toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats

Fever in cats and not eating

Sudden elevated body temperature is also one of the symptoms that you should be aware of.

Besides your cat body that began to weaken, the beautiful coat of our beloved cat also looked dull.

This also might be caused by another disease.

To make sure what disease that your cat has, my advice is to take your cat to the veterinarian.

So they can do further examinations such as laboratory tests if necessary.

Eye pupils shrink

Shrinking pupils is the next symptom that is common in cats infected with the toxoplasma virus. 

Confusion from his gaze will emerge clearly on his face. And the danger of these symptoms can also lead to blindness in our favorite cats.

toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats

Do your favorite cats currently have these toxoplasmosis symptoms in cats?

If yes, immediately take them to your veterinarian. So that your favorite cats can run again and play with their friends.

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