Discover What Kind of Cats are Hypoallergenic?

Wondering About Hypoallergenic Cats? Here’s what you should know about what kind of cats are Hypoallergenic.

Even though cats are adorable creatures, they might as well harm your body. Cat, allergies are twice as common as dog allergies.

However, it’s not the cat’s fur that causes running nose and watery eyes. It’s a protein called Fel d 1, found on the cat’s skin.

It’s not because of how much dander a cat sheds, but the shape and size of the protein particle. This protein is sticky in nature and carried through clothes or circulated in the air. Male cats, especially unneutered cats, produce Fel d 1 more.

Steps to Reduce Allergies

If you’re allergic to cats, few steps are available, which you can opt for to reduce such sensitivities such as avoiding cats, although it’s not such a popular choice.

Even though a cat is not present in the house, the allergen levels may remain for up to five to six months. And for those who can’t avoid cat dander, allergy shots are available as an option for them.

If one takes small injections of the allergen, it will strengthen the tolerance of the immune system over time.

To reach a maintenance level, it requires weekly doses for six months approximately. And to achieve full effectiveness, weekly injections for about three to five years are required.

About Hypoallergenic Cats

A thought might strike your mind that what kind of cats are hypoallergenic? Well, there’s no specific breed of hypoallergenic cats.

But, few cats are there with unique features that reduce the chance of spreading allergens.

Now, what makes them hypoallergenic? Is that because they shed less hair?- No. Or is it because their coats are different? Not quite.

They produce fewer allergens than any other healthy cats. Fel d 1, a protein in the cat’s saliva causes itchy eyes, sneezing, or even an asthma attack to an allergic person.

But, now you can convince your parents to go for a cat as some of them are hypoallergenic too.

Now, what kinds of cats are hypoallergenic are what they are known as? Here are a few mentioned below.


A perfect cat to take home, for allergy sufferers. That’s because they shed minimal fur as they possess only the down hair, or you can say the undercoat layer.


This cat generates less of Fel d 1 protein, making it an ideal candidate for those who suffer from allergies.


These cats only have one layer of coat instead of three coats that regular cats have. The only difference is that these cats have a top layer of skin that most of the cats have rather than down hair. Also, Javanese cats are similar to devon rexes and cornish cats.


A vocal cat, known as a hypoallergenic cat. It sheds much less hair than any other breed of cats. Even though it’s short hair can cause allergies, the less hair in the home protects people from symptoms that are sensitive to allergens.


Along-haired lovable cat, and perfect for those who are a sucker for hairy cats.

In the end, it’s better not to think only about what kind of cats are hypoallergenic, unless you’re sensitive to them. As, being a pet lover, all animals are equal and have their specifications. So, adore both of them.

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